Scaffolding Hire

Are the workers fully insured and bonded? This is one of the essential things a builder needs to know before a builder hires a scaffolding company. Working with a not insured and bonded company can lead to severe injury or even death, so the proper accreditation and background check are essential.

Do the contractors have a portfolio of positive testimonials to back their claims about their scaffolds? A builder needs to know who is using the scaffold a builder is considering. Ask people a builder know and trusts where they use different scaffolding services. While a builder does not need to hire the first company a builder comes across, a builder should take the time to investigate the company and ask for a portfolio of positive testimonials and referrals. A portfolio is also an excellent way to find out how the company goes about its hiring practices.

Are the contractors licensed and insured? A builder also needs to know the particulars about the scaffold installation jobs that the company is best known for. Some may have more extensive experience in this field than others, so do not just hire the first company a builder come across.

What sort of labor and materials is a builder getting? A builder will want to know the type of material and workforce used for scaffold installation to ascertain the company’s ability to complete the job safely and successfully. If a builder is dealing with a big project, a builder should get a complete estimate on the cost of the materials and the labor involved in the job. If there are questions, make sure the company is more than happy to answer them.

Is a builder going to be able to find the workers to do the job? Different types of scaffolds will have slightly different reputations. This is a significant part of the job interview process since some companies will not hire new employees until they can prove themselves through their record of accomplishment. Find out if the workers have been professionally trained to do the job. If they have only been through an introductory course or have not even had work experience on scaffolds, they may not be the right people for the job.

These are the most vital things a builder needs to know before a builder hires a scaffolding company. The rest can vary depending on the scaffolding a builder needs, the job’s size, and the experience of the workers a builder is looking for. When a builder does their research and puts all of these pieces together, a builder can end up hiring the right crew to help a builder get the job done right the first time around. Their home renovation or building project does not have to go by without a hitch, so do not put it off. Get started today!